Saturday, 5 December 2015

With a thump down the chimney he came....

                         With a thump down the chimney he came I saw it, something coming down my chimney with a cherry red suit and black boots. He was carrying a huge bag filled with bright toys and a big blue bike. When Santa saw me he yelled “ HO HO oh. You saw me.” I don’t know why Santa was so upset when he saw me and my rosey cheeks. Santa said “ nobody has ever saw me before.” I guess Santa was worried that I would tell everybody about him,but when I turned around to talk to him he disappeared. The next day He came back he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him that it was the big blue bike he had earlier, he gave me the bike but I felt bad just because I saw him.

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  1. i liked how you had proper grammar and you and how you put a lot of effort in your paragraph offer all you did a rally good job.!!!