Sunday, 22 November 2015


There were three siblings, (one girl and two boys.) The girl's name was May and the oldest boy's name was Nick and finally the youngest boy's name was... Ollie. May loved daring people to do things so she triple dared Nick and Ollie to go down the biggest hill they have ever seen in a red wagon. Nick said "fine but you have to come to".
"okay I will." So they went down the hill but Ollie went flying in to a bush, after they all had a big laugh.

                                                       THE END

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  1. I thought that your blog post was very good - It didn't have any spelling errors but I'm pretty sure that you might have to use capitals at the start of dialogue. Next time, maybe you could start your story by saying - "Once upon a time there were..." instead of going right into the story by saying "There were three siblings...". Good Job!