Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Best Week Ever!!!

This week is going to be the best week ever!!! It already is, it is the last week of school till winter break! Tomorrow is the "Snowflake Sale". YAY!! Can't wait. Today ( Wednesday December 21, 2016 )
is Craft Day and my mom is coming. So many things are happening and I didn't even name them all. On friday it is the last day of school it is also P.J day. That is what is happening this week.

Friday, 2 December 2016

This week I helped make rainbow loom bracelets. We were making money for our fundraising. It is so much fun and you can also make pencil grips. All of this is going to a worthy cause, and yet the bracelets are still stylish. Alysia and I did announcements for two whole weeks. It was really fun and maybe we can do it next week too. This week was really fun!!!

Friday, 25 November 2016

Genius Lounge!!

Genius lounge is where all the the computer geniuses in our school meet up. Well we don't have to be geniuses to be in the lounge, you learn any way. We work with technology, robots, coding and more! It is so much fun to learn all these cool tricks with ipads, chromebooks, ipods and a whole bunch of other stuff. It's really calming to play, learn and work with all this technology, you never know what a robot could do. 

Friday, 4 November 2016


Hello my name is Milana this video is called #anibullying. Its about a girl named Rose who loves
posting selfies. But on there is another girl named Nikki, she loves bullying people online and offline.
Rose was busy posting a selfie online and Nikki was on Roses account, she found an embarrassing video
of Rose ten posted it. At the end Nikki got in trouble by the principal (aka) her mom. Rose and Nikki became best friends.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

With a thump down the chimney he came....

                         With a thump down the chimney he came I saw it, something coming down my chimney with a cherry red suit and black boots. He was carrying a huge bag filled with bright toys and a big blue bike. When Santa saw me he yelled “ HO HO oh. You saw me.” I don’t know why Santa was so upset when he saw me and my rosey cheeks. Santa said “ nobody has ever saw me before.” I guess Santa was worried that I would tell everybody about him,but when I turned around to talk to him he disappeared. The next day He came back he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him that it was the big blue bike he had earlier, he gave me the bike but I felt bad just because I saw him.

Sunday, 22 November 2015


There were three siblings, (one girl and two boys.) The girl's name was May and the oldest boy's name was Nick and finally the youngest boy's name was... Ollie. May loved daring people to do things so she triple dared Nick and Ollie to go down the biggest hill they have ever seen in a red wagon. Nick said "fine but you have to come to".
"okay I will." So they went down the hill but Ollie went flying in to a bush, after they all had a big laugh.

                                                       THE END